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Formation Proficiency  


RPA FPR 4.3 - online fillable FPR

FPR Ride Requirements:

  1. Only current Lead or Check pilots may endorse pilots as proficient.

  2. Pilot to be endorsed must have a current FAST formation card. Non-current pilots require a check

    ride to reestablish currency.

  3. Leads must be signed off by another lead/check and must demonstrate proficiency in both Lead

    and Wing positions. No more than 2 Leads can be endorsed on the same flight.

  4. 4-Ship formation must be flown. (For Wing Pilot FPRs only, pre-approval required to use 3-ship.)

  5. The endorsed pilot must meet the FAST standards for safe, competent formation flight throughout

    the complete range of maneuvers, from takeoff to landing. The pilot must show proficiency in the following (*denotes Lead only): Brief/Debrief*, T/O (interval or element), Station keeping (45° bank/20° pitch), Route, Crossunders, Echelon turns, Pitchout/Rejoin, Extended Trail (non aerobatic), Lead Change*, Landing (pitchout to land or element landing)

  6. Form must be submitted within 90 days of the flight to be valid.

If you have questions or for a waiver request, contact the RPA Standardization Officer